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Seddona is built for game developers to quickly launch and connect their games to the blockchain and for gamers to play and enjoy web3 games safely with their friends.

With the Seddona game application, you can publish your game to the launcher, use SDKs to connect to game engines, and integrate into the blockchain seamlessly and a marketplace to market your game and assets.

Seddona Platform makes it easier for you to connect your game to web3 and to provide valuable tools so you can focus on your game's success.

With Seddona, gamers are able to play multiple games regardless of blockchain through a single sign-on. All gaming NFTs and coins are held in the Seddona wallet to transfer, sell or buy on the Seddona Marketplace easily. Seddona creates a seamless and easy way to onboard gamers into Web3 games.

Seddona Game Application (Seddona Client)

The Seddona game application provides multiple features:

  • Publish Games to Seddona Platform
  • Multi-Chain Crypto Wallet
  • Game Launcher
  • On-Chain Asset Marketplace

Game Devs

In order to publish your game, create a wallet and become a verified developer on Seddona you will need to download the Seddona Game Application. You can download it here:

Developer Verification

To obtain authentication please email us at, and make sure you’ve filled out the gamer application.

To obtain authentication

Getting Started

Game Devs


Unity Docs

Unreal Engine

Coming Soon!