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The SDK is a software development kit that enables you to easily integrate your games into the blockchain. It provides a set of tools and libraries that make it easy for you to:

  • Create and manage wallet accounts for players.
  • Send and receive transactions on the blockchain.
  • Store and retrieve data on the blockchain.

The SDK also includes documentation and examples to help you get started quickly.

Blockchain Compatibility

Seddona is EVM compatible, with new L1/L2s soon to be announced.

Set up the Client

These APIs give you access to ethereum (and soon more EVM chains), create a client object to interact with the SDK

Seddona Wallet

Install the seddona client to test your SDK integrations or optionally use ganache client


sdk version 0.0.8

Publish Date 4-2-2023


  • plugins folder
    • create folder
    • create assembly definition file
    • rename file and name in inspector menu
    • drag each lib into the folder
      • seddona_sdk.dll
      • libseddona_sdk_aarch64.dylib
      • libseddona_sdk_x86-64.dylib
    • mark each file to reflect the correct platform
      • seddona_sdk.dll
        • OS: windows
        • CPU: Intel 64-bit
      • libseddona_sdk_aarch64.dylib
        • OS: MacOS
        • CPU: Apple Silicon
      • libseddona_sdk_x86-64.dylib
        • OS: MacOS
        • CPU: Intel 64-bit
  • Similarly to plugins folder create folder and assemblies
    • drag SDK.cs into Scripts
  • Optionally create an edit mode test to check functionality works
    • window > general > test runner
    • in test runner window
      • create test folder
      • create test script


  • code signing is required for dylibs on newer versions of MacOS
  • our seddona_sdk.dylib is signed but may require resigning upon distribution of your app as well as notarization
  • to use seddona_sdk.dylib open security settings in system preferences allow app store and identified developers